Zebra inspired make up (Taken with instagram)

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First go at leopard mask (Taken with instagram)

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Sat on a bench with my other half (Taken with Instagram at gosport ferry)

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In the process of making apple bake pies!! (Taken with instagram)

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Me n ry messing bout with wig (Taken with instagram)

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Heat of the moment (Taken with instagram)

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Fantastic shoes that my sister bought me for Christmas! A bargain in the sale section of NewLook £10!!

I love the way my tanned legs look in these and they go with most outfits- nude heels are my recommended shoe staple for any avid heel fans out there!

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Sweet chilli snack-a-jacks! (Taken with instagram)

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Just a quick product I’ve been meaning to review for a while!

The Braun Silk Epil 5: Pink Xelle 5280

If you don’t have a epillator and like me you hate the fact hairs grow back so quickly after shaving then these products are amazing! This particular epillator is not the most latest in this range but still works a treat!

With 40 tweezers,2 speed settings and a nifty ‘Smart Light’ this product could not be any simpler to use! All you need is your hairy self and some courage if you are using an epillator for the first time!

handy things that come with this product:

Ice Glove - used to ‘numb’ areas if your particularly worried about pain

Efficiency Pro Cap - ensures correct pressure and helps angle tweezers for optimum results!

Additional Shaver Head with Trimmer Cap - for times when you need a different tool - it creates an all-in-one product!

My personal opinion of this product: Great for first time users, removes hair quickly and efficiently! Downsides to this product is that it is not rechargeable and does not take batteries! I would of preferred a more mobile product.

Rating: 7/10

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loving crazy make up looks right now, get’s me excited about experimenting with a few of my own ideas?!

Currently working on a leopard print eye make up GROWWWWLS ;) Fierce make up on the way!

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Fuchsia lips!

Went on a random spend spree in Superdrug after university with my good friend and fellow blogger Amy Click here to see her blog! and we fell in love with a brand we hadn’t seen before…


The two products I’m reviewing are:

Sleek Make Up: True Colour Lipstick Shade: Fuchsia

The Body Shop: Lip Scuff

First things first, the lip scuff - I’m a very old fashioned kind of girl a simple old toothbrush suffices me in terms of exfoliation of the puckers! Never the less I decided to give this product a go.. 


Easy to use; rub onto lips in a circular motion - instantly moisturizing and removing dead skin and then wipe lips with a tissue.

Lovely minty smell and sensation.

Really does get all the dead skin off, with little pressure and lips don’t feel sore after this is because of the added ingredients that provide tons of moisture.

Buffing movement stimulates the skin, bringing blood to the top of the surface,giving a natural red/pink flush to your lips!

Contains two community fairtrade ingredients; the super natural moisturizer marula oil from Nambia and beeswax from Cameroon


The application can be messy if you want to get all of your lips dead-skin free, so I wouldn’t advise doing this process in public!

The price might put some off as this product retails for £8.00 in the UK

Things to remember: After reading a few mixed reviews online about this product it seems clear that some people have just swiped this lip scuff on as if it was a lipstick, let’s be clear the BEST way to use this product is to gently buff the lips in a circular motion; if you simply swipe it wont exfoliate half as much as it should! 

Rating: 8/10

Now onto Sleek Makeup lipstick.. I was instantly intrigued to this product simply by the variety of colours and the pigmentation I bought two shades Sheen Fuchsia and Naked; I wear Naked on a daily basis, it the nude lip colour I’ve been searching for all my life! but I have only recently tried out more vibrant colours.

lips edit 1

Now I don’t know too much about Sleek as a company but the colour glides on effortlessly and give a great colour pay out and feels moisturizing at the same time! Not to mention bright colours like this seem to stay vivid for at least a good 4 hours! and for £3.99 bought at Superdrug UK

Rating: 9/10

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The Body Shop: Baked To Last Eye Shadow’s

So I’ve been meaning to review some of The Body Shop products for a while now and there’s no better way to start than with the ‘Baked to last’ eye shadows!

The Body Shop: Baked to Last Eye Colours

Since my growing interest in make up; I’ve been experimenting with a range of different shades of eye shadows! To my surprise I actually get 50% of The Body Shop’s products because I work there as a Customer Consultant so it would be a darn shame not to try some stuff out!

There are 8 shades in this range: I have the following shades;






Vivid colors with, each pack comes with two iridescent shades that perfectly compliment each other which can used together or on their own.

Long lasting wear, lasting 8 hours when primer has been applied.

Different application methods: can be used dry or wet - to give different shades.

Both Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically tested which will be a godsend to users with sensitive eyes or users of contacts.

Dome shaped eyeshadow; gives more quantity  of the product as apposed to the usual flat eye shadows commonly found amongst most cosmetic retailers.

Contains two Community Fair Trade Ingredients; Marula Oil from Nambia and Organic Olive Oil from Italy! Both these oils are super good for the skin for example Marula Oil has a great composition of fatty acids, minerals and vitamins that make it the perfect oil that has been proven to help prevent skin from ageing and is often used in pregnancy because of it’s Omega-6 fatty acids that help tissue repair to maintain elasticity of the skin! - alot to take in, but it really is a super oil to look out for!

High pigmented color, that is easily build-able and blend-able!


Perhaps the biggest con would be the price; at a staggering £10 for technically one eyeshadow; it can seem a bit over priced.

Consistency of eyeshadow can be dusty when applying product to shadow brush!

Rating: 9/10 


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You really ought to learn how to construct a proper sentence. Apologies if you have dyslexia but I have no clue what you are implying! X

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